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With 25+ years of experience in the beauty and home sectors, Barbara's commitment to brand authenticity, story-telling and user experience has been honed in sales and marketing programs at places like Estee Lauder Companies, Donna Karan Beauty Company, and Bloomingdales, as well as, many other luxury-brand outlets. 

A talent for identifying a distinct brand narrative and strategic voice in both the retail and wholesale sectors, Barbara has developed communities in the luxury market through shop design, digital content and social media. 

Barbara is an information junkie (the more complicated, the more intriguing), finds ideas extraordinary (everything has a creative and calculated solution) and loves to tell people what to do (yes, and then there's that). 

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Ashley started her creative career with a degree in multimedia journalism and art history. After college, she spent five years in the beauty sector for Avon & Sephora in Product Development in New York and San Francisco, respectively. Ever the millennial, Ashley left the corporate atmosphere to work for herself by running a lifestyle blog, owning a workshop and event studio in Upper Montclair as well as consulting on social media and brand content for clients.

Ashley is in love with traveling, reading a stack of home decor + beauty magazines on a Sunday, dry humor, barre classes, skincare, shopping for a great wardrobe addition, a cozy day with movies, green tea and a new memoir. She lives in Hoboken with her fiancé.